About: Hey, Howdy-Do Arrowmen!  My name is Michael Redmond, and I am the current Mt (no period) Monadnock OA Chapter Chief. We do all kinds of things on our own, anything from cookouts and parties, to bowling, to lock-in nights at sports centers. We hone in on ceremonies and tradition and serve in our various communities planting trees and joining in eagle projects. We try to integrate ourselves with our troops, you may remember us visiting at one of your campouts or district events and we can do so much more with your input and help. If you’re looking for more info, schedules of our events, and pictures of what we do, check out this cool website we are developing in between meetings: eallen3506.wixsite.com/mtmonadnockoa

Meeting Info: Monadnock typically meets with roundtable on the second Tuesday of every month from 7-8pm, at the Greek Orthodox Church, 70 West St. in Keene with the exception of any special events we hold.

Contact Us: Chapter Chief (youth): Hunter Redmond – Email: hunterredmond9999@gmail.com

Chapter Advisor (adult): Mr. Jeff King – Phone: 603-933-1971 – Email: eagle172@hotmail.com